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Print a Free W9 Form

by Roger Chartier

If you click on the W9 form image below you will be able to download a free W9 form with detailed instructions to print.

You can download the W9 form and keep it saved onto your computer for future reference.

Every so many years the IRS might revise the Form W-9 and the new revision will be good for several years.

Check back here for more details about changes.

What is the W9 form for?

If a person or a company etc. is paying you for work or services that you are doing, you will need to fill out and submit a W9 form to them when the sum to be paid is more than $600.00 and for several other purposes.

They will want this info for tax purposes. The W9 form then gives them the specific information that they need to be able to fill out and send you a 1099-misc form so that they are able to claim their expense of paying you for you work or services as a deduction on their taxes.
Learn more about the www.1099forms.org/1099_misc_and_instructions.html

 Also find the instructions for the W9 on the W9Form and more information about the use of the W9 Form on Instructions For The W9 Form Requestor.

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How to fill out a W9 Form

  • You should read the directions to be specific, but essentially you fill out your name or business name, address and you have an option to list pertinent account numbers.

  • Next you will check a box to declare if you are an Individual/Sole  Proprietor, C Corporation, S Corporation, Partnership, or Trustee/Estate There are instructions for an LLC a well.

  • Next you enter in your Taxpayer ID number or you might use your Social Security number depending on your situation.

  • Part 3 is the certification that what you are signing is true and that you are a US citizen or  a resident alien (considered a US person), etc.

An example is a musician who performs from time to time in a restaurant lounge is approached by the owner and asked to fill out a W9 form.   Now he/she knows that the money paid at the end of the evening is not going to be "under the table".

 The owner of the establishment needs to be able to take the deduction for the expense of the musician.   The musician who assumed that the gig was paying well enough but just barely starts to thinking... he really never thinks about taxes as such until the end of the year but now realizes that after the income taxes on that amount the gig will not really be worth doing.

What he/she has to do is be sure to consider legitimate deductible expenses for the job to take away some of the unexpected tax burden.

The musician should decide to use a good one, that is the mileage allowance and then there is the office expenses and supplies such as guitar strings, stage clothes, etc. It all adds up.

If you are in that sort of situation, see Tax Deductions For Musicians to get a good idea of what can be done to save on the tax burden.  

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